Sep 18, 2014

23 Elul 5774

  • Parsha


  • Friday
  • Candle Lighting

    5:42 / 6:39 PM

  • Mincha

    5:30 / 6:49 PM

  • Shabbat
  • Shacharit

    7:00/8:00/ 8:45/9:00 AM

  • Latest Shema

    9:44 AM

  • Daf Yomi

    5:15 PM

  • Shiur Masechet Avodah Zara

    5:40 PM

  • Mincha

    6:15 PM

  • Seudah Shlishit

    6:35 PM

  • Maariv

    7:33 PM

  • Havdalah

    7:40 pm

  • Sunday
  • Shacharit

    6:45/7:30/ 8:30/ 9:00AM

  • Monday
  • Shacharit

    6:00/ 6:45/ 7:45 AM

  • Tuesday
  • Shacharit

    6:00/6:55/ 7:45 AM

  • Wednesday
  • Shacharit

    6:00/ 6:55/ 7:45 AM

  • Thursday
  • Shacharit

    6:00/ 6:45/ 7:45 AM

  • Friday
  • Shacharit

    6:00/6:55/ 7:45 AM

  • For the Week
  • Mincha/Maariv (Plag/Regular)

    5:30 / 6:50 PM

  • Late Maariv

    9:30 PM

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High Holidays 5775

Please find all you need to know for the upcoming High Holiday season below.
Ktiva Va'Chatima Tova!

9/20 Saturday Night Selichot

10:00 PM— Selichot led by Chazzan Shim Craimer with introductory words from Rabbi Rosenblatt

12:50 AM— Late Selichot

High Holiday Schedule

Click here for the schedule

Click here for the schedule of Ba'alei Tefillah and the Rabbinic Team speaking schedule

9/21— Please note that the 9 AM minyan on Sunday 9/21 will NOT be preceded by Selichot

10 PM Selichot on Sunday evening 9/21 will begin with introductory words from Rabbi Genack

Post-Yom Kippur— There will be a break fast in the gym

Kol Nidrei Appeal

All are encouraged to donate to the annual Kol Nidrei appeal as generously as possible.

Click here to view the letter

Click here to donate online

RJC Youth

High Holiday Babysitting and Programming Click here for details

Eruv Tavshilin

As Rosh HaShanah Day 2 coincides with Erev Shabbat, please remember to make an eruv tavshilin before the Holiday Click here for a reminder of what to do

Kinnus Teshuva

Tzom Gedalia— Following 6:15 PM Mincha on Tzom Gedalia, as part of a "pulpit swap" with Congregation Ohab Zedek on the Upper West Side, Rabbi Allen Schwartz will deliver words of inspiration at RJC; Rabbi Rosenblatt will be speaking at Ohab Zedek at the same time.

Arba Minim

Lulavim and Etrogim will once again be available through Riverdale Judaica Click here for details

Sukkah Meals

RJC will be offering catered Sukkah Meals on the first two nights of Yom Tov Click here for details and to register